A milestone in Paris

Exploring new materials.

Monday, July 16, 2018 — During this year's edition of MAISON&OBJET, from September 7 - 11 2018, Ethnicraft will introduce an exciting array of brand new designs to the press and public. You can find us here: hall 6 / G16 - H15
The prestigious trade fair dedicated to lifestyle, decoration, and design is the perfect stage to celebrate this new milestone for Ethnicraft.

Over the past 25 years, Ethnicraft has become synonymous with solid wood furniture. While looking back on our history, we decided to look forward too. Wood, one of nature's purest creations, has always been and will be, the protagonist in our story. Yet at the same time, we see beauty in so much around us

That is why Maison & Objet will be the perfect stage for the introduction of the Anders collection. Together with new designs varying from extensions of existing collections to items that find common ground in both functionality and art

The setting in which these exciting new items are introduced combines a welcoming and residential energy with an artistic, gallery vibe where each piece of furniture has its place. Just like the showroom at our HQ in Boom, Belgium. Each element, from flooring to colors and accessories, has been chosen to reflect our own signature aesthetics. 

The Anders collection is an exploration. A journey on which we challenge ourselves to work with new materials yet always remain true to our signature aesthetics. By broadening our own horizon, we can offer a wider selection of furniture to enrich the unique habitats of our clients even more. The initial collection combines our design philosophy with marble, metal, and glass

"The collection consists of robust geometrical structures that serve as a support for more delicate materials. The result is a surprising expression of harmony." Djordje Cukanovic, designer

An angular composition forms the heart of a design that aims to bring movement into static surfaces. With a subtle composition that combines multiple perfectly aligned surfaces, a unique sense of volume is created. When we then add light to the equation, the multi-faceted blackened oak canvas creates even more depth by casting shadows. This appears to be random yet designer Alain van Havre recognized its importance in the earliest stages of development. Every single one of these attributes is equally vital in the creation of this multi-faceted design, which serves as a vision of how furniture can be elevated become true centerpieces.

 “The multi-faceted design, and how it uses lights, creates a unique composition in which we distance ourselves from traditional static and immobile surfaces.” – Alain van Havre, designer


Introducing the newest additions to the Ethnicraft N701 Range, designed by Jacques Deneef. With these new elements in the collection, a limitless amount of settings can be created. In addition to the 1 and 3 seater, we are introducing a footstool, 2 seater, and corner piece. With these new elements, our customers have a full assortment at their disposal that provides virtually limitless options when it comes to customizing their own setting. All elements are easy to connect and this, in turn, offers ample flexibility to change the layout once someone feels like it.

"With the N701, we created a sofa that is incredibly inviting. The perfect sofa to comfortably relax in after a long day's work."  – Jaques Deneef, designer


You can download more information on our additional novelties, as well as high-resolution images here. Including those from our lookbook. We're sure that the unique styling and designs will be something your readers and followers would love to see. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or for additional information regarding the brands within Ethnicraft Group or to schedule an appointment with our PR team at M&O. 

To find the Ethnicraft retailer near you and your readers, please visit our store locatorwww.ethnicraft.com/store-locator

Ancestors by Ethnicraft

N701 Sofa. Limitless possibilities.

20229 N701 1 seater beige & 50134 oak Rise side table
20234 N701 sofa 3 seater dark grey & 20232 N701 sofa 1 seater dark grey
26879 Oak black Monolit TV cupboard & 20232 N701 1 seater dark grey & 60074 Stone coffee table
50018 oak Torsion dining table & 51490 oak Bok chair & 53033 oak Osso stool
50135 Oak Rise coffee table & 20246 N901 sofa 3 seater dark grey (4)
50154 Oak Baretto stool
50662 oak black Facette chair & 50020 oak Torsion side table (1)
51067 Oak Cell Unit & 50013 Oak black Torsion dining table & 51491 Oak black Bok chair
51478 Oak Blackbird desk & 53040 Oak black Osso stool
60070 Anders cupboard high
60077 Anders nesting side table
N701 sofa 3 seater, corner, 2 seater, footstool beige & 51477 Oak Blackbird coffee table
N701 sofa corner beige & 60077 Anders nesting side table
N701 sofa corner beige & 60077 Anders nesting side table
Tabwa TV cupboard
Tabwa sideboard - 4 doors
Tabwa sideboard high 2 doors