Bright, Lavish and Eclectic. The 2018 Notre Monde Novelties.

Bright, Lavish and Eclectic. The 2018 Notre Monde Novelties.

An array of new colors and vibrant patterns are introduced in Paris and Cologne.

During Maison & Objet in Paris and IMM in Cologne, we are introducing the newest additions to the Notre Monde collection. You can expect an abundance of vibrant colors and lively new items like the new Bright Abstract collection and new Mini Trays

The meticulously selected new and lively patterns and fresh interpretations of classic Notre Monde pieces are the highlights of the new 2018 collection. Inspired by nature and brought to life with the tremendous skill of craftsmen, the new additions will undoubtedly become the focal point in any space they are placed. Each element is designed by Dawn Sweitzer and due to the hand-crafted nature of the Notre Monde products, each will vary slightly and is as unique as you and me.

The Notre Monde booth evokes a unique, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that can be best described as "extraordinarily lavish and eclectic." The inspiration for our new booth came directly from the setting we chose for the 2018 catalog. The unique location we selected served as the perfect stage to present the new protagonists of the Notre Monde collection. The result is the embodiment of the distinct perspective of our vision for Notre Monde. 

Visit us in Paris:  Hall 4 "Elegant" - C16 D15
You can also find Notre Monde in the "What's New?" area in Hall 3 & "The Club"

Visit us in Cologne:  Hall 11.1 – F-027-E-026

"Our products aim to add that little touch of luxury to your space and express your personality through our wide range of unique patterns. We also encourage you to mix and match different trays according to your own tastes and preferences." Dawn Sweitzer. Designer


Bright Abstract
A free-spirited vision, inspired by Dawn’s abstract paintings, is united with a dazzling and expressive color palette. The outcome is a union of unexpected pops of saturated hues, surprising textures, and luxurious details, on a handcrafted canvas. Be bold and dare to mix and match, to create a one-of-a-kind touch of bohemian luxury.

Surface Coffee Table
The Surface coffee tables are defined by an intersecting and overlapping design, which comes to life through intriguing materials and different heights and widths. Due to these varying attributes, this quintuple set can be repositioned easily to create a surprising and enriching scene. Each size is available individually, so how you set the stage and what kind of vibe you create, is entirely up to you.

Ocean Blue
Our Ocean Blue collection dives deep into multitude shades of blue to create unique pieces inspired by the colors of the ocean. Within the exquisitely handcrafted collection, contemporary patterns meet saturated colors, combining the soothing qualities of the color with lively design. 

Mini Trays
Despite its small size, the mini tray packs a lot of patterns and textures into its small frame. Organic swirls of colors and luxurious gold-leafing are enclosed neatly within slim edges, framing the patterns and textures like a work of art. The mini tray’s compact size allows for versatility. Placed in the hallway on a console, it is a key holder. In the dressing table, it is a jewelry tray, and on the coffee table, it is a decorative item. All good things come in small packages, and the mini tray is no exception.

Compact Side Tables
Packing a lot of flair in its frame, the Compact Side Table’s small but robust frame makes this piece supremely versatile. In the living room, it serves as a functional side table. Faithfully perched next to the bed, it becomes a nightstand, and in the bathroom, it is utilized as a pedestal for plants. Available in three sizes and in Charcoal Mirror or Midnight Crush Organic Glass, the colors complement the most diverse interiors.

Tray Tables
While the tray table may serve its function as a table, the versatile piece transforms to a moveable singular tray when removed from its structure. The tray table’s ability to adopt different trays allows you to mix or match various colors and patterns, creating a personal piece that is uniquely yours. Now available in Low XL and as a set Low XL. 



You can download the high-resolution images of the 2018 Notre Monde novelties below. We're sure that the unique styling and designs will be something your readers and followers would love to see. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or for additional information regarding the brands within Ethnicraft Group. 



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