Introducing: a new icon at the Salone Internationale del Mobile 2018

With our booth consisting of 9 rooms, there is something new around every corner.

During the 57th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Ethnicraft will introduce the brand new Facette chair in black, by our in-house designer Alain van Havre.

For this year's edition, the Ethnicraft booth will also present our latest Bathroom collection as well as the latest novelties from Notre Monde. For more information regarding these new items, click here

We encourage you to visit Ethnicraft on Wednesday morning, April 18, when our designer Alain van Havre will be present. Come over for a chat and unwind in our sofas with a coffee and some Belgian chocolates! 

Our protagonist this year is the Facette chair in black. Inspired by Origami, Alain van Havre designed a chair that has truly tested the limits of what is possible with solid wood. His pioneering sense of design, combined with our love for wood, was the ideal combination to bring this groundbreaking piece to life. The Facette chair, available in black or natural oak, combines two contrasting worlds. If you look at the chair, it looks smooth and refined, yet feels strong thanks to the vertical lines that form a solid triangular shaped base. Besides an exciting design, comfort and usability are also essential for Ethnicraft. With its slightly curved, and perfectly angled backrest, the Facette chair is not only beautiful but also comfortable.  

"I wanted to create an exciting piece that is unconventional in design yet brought to life by using rudimental and recognizable shapes. By applying techniques inspired by Origami, we created a chair that pushed the know boundaries of what is possible with solid wood, but remained loyal to the character of this noble natural product." - Alain van Havre, designer. 

The second highlight is the Baretto stool by Sascha Sartory. The Baretto stool is a design where he brings the qualities of an industrial material together with solid wood. The pillowy shaped wooden seat is elegantly elevated by combining circular elements with solid straight lines made out of metal. by combining these characteristics, the Baretto stool will find its place in many settings. 

Besides these two protagonists, we are also bringing our new collection, Ancestors by Ethnicraft, to Milan. This soon to be released new collection has already been extremely well received by the international press and design-community. The combination of contemporary designs and archaic carvings is sure to make an impression on our visitors. Expect more information on this exceptional collection in the coming weeks!


Product descriptions: 

Facette Chair:
Origami is intriguing. What starts as something plain is patiently reshaped in a sophisticated object. By merging inspiration from traditional paper folding techniques with Ethnicraft’s knowledge of solid wood, Alain van Havre brought an extraordinary design to life. Carefully placed geometrical patterns form a stunning and unique composition. This union of expressive characteristics also contributes to the functionality and ergonomics of the chair.

Baretto Stool:
Lightweight in appearance, solid in composition. An elementary design by Sascha Sartory explores the way an industrial material can be paired with a natural product. The slightly curved seat, which resembles a pillow, makes the Baretto Stool not only splendid in design but also comfortable and usable.  


We will have printed press kits available at our booth, and a selection of high-resolution images are available for download here. We're sure that the unique styling and designs will be something your readers and followers would love to see. For more high-resolution photos, we refer to our previous press releases. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or for additional information regarding the brands within Ethnicraft Group or to schedule an appointment with our PR team.

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