Small size, big impression

The Notre Monde Mini Trays

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 — BOOM, BELGIUM -- Finding great gifts for the upcoming Holiday Season can be a serious challenge. Why spend hours running around searching for the perfect gifts, when we have an amazing array of Notre Monde Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. 


In this day and age, options are endless, but it's the special gifts that mean the most. The Mini Trays are the perfect way to introduce Notre Monde to your friends and family. Guaranteed to make the same impression as the other pieces in the collection, just a bit smaller, the Mini Trays are a great gift that won't be put away and will definitely be remembered. 

Rectangular shaped unique works of art inspired by life and nature, with gold bursts, green hues, and warm earth tones are available in different sizes. Just like with the rest of our tray collection, we encourage mixing and matching with the colors and sizes, to create an extraordinary set. Each Mini Tray is designed by Dawn Sweitzer and due to the hand-crafted nature of the Notre Monde products, each will vary slightly and is as unique as you and me.

The Mini Tray collection: 
Fossil Organic
Malachite Organic
Gold Leaf

The Notre Monde Mini Trays and other items can be purchased through our global network of retailers and online stores. Find the one closest to you:

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You can download the high-resolution images of the mini trays below. We're sure that it's the perfect inspiration for gift-shopping and it's something your readers and followers would love to see.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or for additional information regarding Notre Monde. 

Malachite 1
Malachite 2
Malachite 3
Malachite 4
Fossil organic 1
Gold leaf 7
Fossil organic 2
Fossil organic 3
Fossil organic 4
Fossil organic 5
Fossil organic 6
Fossil organic 7
Fossil organic 8
Malachite 5
Malachite 6
Malachite 7
Malachite 8
Gold leaf 1
Gold leaf 2
Gold leaf 3
Gold leaf 4
Gold leaf 5
Gold leaf 6

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