Time To Introduce Our Novelties

Time To Introduce Our Novelties

The Notre Monde 2017 Fall / Winter collection takes centerstage at Maison & Objet

BOOM, BELGIUM -- During this year's edition of MAISON&OBJET, from September 8 - 12 2017, Notre Monde will introduce brand new objects and designs to the press and public. The prestigious trade fair dedicated to lifestyle, decoration, and design is the perfect stage to celebrate this new milestone for Notre Monde.


The meticulously selected new and lively patterns for existing items, and fresh interpretations of classic Notre Monde pieces complete the 2017 Notre Monde collection. Inspired by nature and brought to life with the tremendous skill of craftsmen, the new additions will undoubtedly become the focal point in any space they are placed. Each element is designed by Dawn Sweitzer and due to the hand-crafted nature of the Notre Monde products, each will vary slightly and is as unique as you and me.

The Notre Monde booth can be found at the prime location Hall 4 C16 and D15.  It evokes a unique, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that can be best described as "extraordinarily lavish and eclectic." The inspiration for our new booth came directly from the setting we chose for the Fall / Winter 2017 shoot. The unique Urbex location we selected served as the perfect stage to present the new protagonists of the Notre Monde collection. The result is the embodiment of the distinct perspective of our vision for Notre Monde. 

The Translucent Silhouettes collection artfully layers soft luminous colors atop organic shapes, creating a sense of depth and allowing dynamic shapes and colors to blossom. While the overall result is bold, the collection possesses certain lightness conveyed by the delicate metallic inks and pigments.

Inspired by fields of wildflowers, the Botany collection captures the pristine beauty of nature within the trays’ graceful wooden frames. Simple romance is evoked by the thistle and herb patterns adorning the finished wood and glass textures, while the tea-stained hue is elegantly rustic.  

The Translucent Silhouettes collection’s Wall Art superimposes translucent hues over organic shapes, forming vibrant silhouettes evocative of an abstract landscape. Seemingly bold at first glance, the metallic inks and soft pigments give a delicate, subdued quality.

Packing a lot of flair in its frame, the Square Side Table’s small but robust frame makes this piece supremely versatile. In the living room, it serves as a functional side table. Faithfully perched next to the bed, it becomes a nightstand, and in the bathroom, it is utilized as a pedestal for plants. Available in five sizes and in Charcoal Mirror or Champagne Mist Organic Glass, the colors complement the most diverse interiors.    

A pinch of sophistication, mixed with a generous dose of lustrous mirror and garnished with streamlined metal frame - the Notre Monde bar carts serve up elegance in a neat package.

Sleek and polished in a dark reflective finish, the Charcoal Mirror rectangle nesting coffee table set imparts restrained sophistication. In a set of three, the two smaller pieces could be stowed underneath the larger for a neater look, while displaying the tables simultaneously allows for more space to accommodate décor accessories and other necessities.  

The slim, streamlined and perfectly sectioned Hugo desk is stylishly subdued and decidedly practical. The understated design and size allow the compact piece to blend effortlessly into various rooms, creating a casual work area in any space the desk finds itself. 


You can download the high-resolution images of the new products below. We're sure that the unique setting and styling will be something your readers and followers would love to see. The new catalog can be downloaded below as well. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or for additional information regarding Notre Monde. 

Notre Monde is located at Hall 4 - location C16 and D15



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