Urban Geometry

Urban Geometry

New Fall Winter 2019 tray collection by Notre Monde

Inspired by Art Deco architecure, with a burst of paprika, pumpkin, saffron - and a dash of steel blue! Design by Dawn Sweitzer.

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The Urban Geometry collection is inspired by the Art Deco architecture and geometric patterns Dawn came across during her travels in Europe. Although streamlined with a monochromatic palette for the majority of the designs, you will find a burst of paprika, pumpkin, saffron and a dash of steel blue to balance out the collection. 

Below you'll find the Press Kits for Europe and North America ready for download, as well the High Resolution images:

Press kits

Urban Geometry Press Kit EUROPE_EN NotreMonde_Insert1905_AW_EN_RRP.pdf - 30 MB Urban Geometry Press Kit USA & CANADA NotreMonde_Insert1905_AW_MSRP_US_CA.pdf - 30 MB

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Product Shots

Magalie De Bruyn King George, Press Agency Belgium & Netherlands
Alyssa Young bde, Press Agency USA


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